Broken Circles feat. Joel Ross, Charles Altura, Matt Brewer and Kweku Sumbry OUT ON FEBRUARY 21 2020 on Whirlwind Records, London, UK

more info soon



Jure Pukl’ Doubtless with Melissa Aldana, Joe Sanders, Greg Hutchinson

More info and Link to buy the Album:

“Jure Pukl & Melissa Aldana play as one throughout and with the support of Joe Sanders and Greg Hutchinson the music is rich with a passionate expression that is timeless…Jure put together a beautiful recording that flows like the wind.” Joe Lovano, NYC 2017

“Jure Pukl is a brilliant saxophonist who is forging an honest and original path in contemporary improvised music. His playing and compositions evoke a humanistic quality that is, full of expression and spirit. If a spirited, well defined, singular voice is what you’re looking for, Jure is the answer.” Greg Osby 2017


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